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HAND 01.5


HAND 01.5 includes:

Table components made from Responsibly Sourced (PEFC and FSC® certified) untreated 18mm Birch Plywood - Featuring 16 pre drilled holes in the tabletop to secure paper and clamp. 

By having 8 available spaces for the clamps, HAND 01.5 offers 16 different combination placements of the clamps – enabling 4 people to work side by side at either end of the table or each user at alternating sides of the table. 


4 packs of 50 sheets of colorplan paper of your choice produced specifically for use on the table. 


The paper has predrilled holes to secure to the table using the clamp and screws, and a horizontal perforation to allow fast removal 

4 laser engraved wooden clamps with predrilled holes

8 stainless steel screws to secure your paper 


HAND 01 is manufactured solely in the UK


L 2400 

W 900 

H 780

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